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VIP Simple To Do List is an easy tool for planning of your daily life
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26 July 2015

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At times when your schedule is loaded with many tasks it at time becomes hectic to execute all of them on time. But now you can reduce your hassle by having a tool that can help you to manage the Tasks in an easy “To Do” way. Try using A VIP Simple To Do List 2.94 helps you to seamlessly organize the tasks on daily, monthly or yearly basis. It has the features to organize, set the priority, set the deadlines and even tracks the tasks for completion. You can easily manage the meetings, projects, events and repairs so that you can increase the productivity and maintain the time period.

A VIP Simple To Do List 2.94 is credited with an easy interface devoid of any complex features making a pleasure to use. You can create the tasks, edit and delete them whenever required without breaking a sweat. Task can be moved up and down to set the priority level by increasing or decreasing it. You can have the Category separately formed for categorizing the tasks accordingly. It’s easy to edit and delete the category, and move it up or down according to your convenience. Record the appointments, events and set the category with priority level to be High, Urgent or Normal. Filter bar is there to select the criteria form the tasks, events and appointments to be shown. You can add hyperlink, Notes and set the reminder with the task so that it is reminded well on time. Have the Report generated for your current work status with all the tasks, event, etc. Make the selection of the features that you want to enable for the Report with the Format Report option.

A VIP Simple To Do List 2.94 is effective in organizing and managing various things that you need to do with aplomb. It earns a score of 4 rating points for helping you improve your performance though its intelligent tracking mechanism and reminder options.

Publisher's description

VIP Simple To Do List is an easy-to-use PDA software which uses To Do List method to help you do more tasks spending less time. It increases your personal productivity drawing much of your attention to the most important tasks which give 80% of successful results.
You can use VIP Simple To Do List to manage your time and tasks at home. Using our software you will optimize efforts you take to carry out your everyday tasks and activities. It is your right hand in:
+ planning personal life for days, months and years ahead
+ organizing, prioritizing, setting deadlines and tracking tasks
+ managing meetings, events, household projects, repairs, etc.
A VIP Simple To Do List
A VIP Simple To Do List
Version 2.9.44
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